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Benefits of uPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

cold (1)

Cool in Summer

Keep your home perfectly cool during those hot summer months without your air-conditioner

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Warm in Winter

Keep your home warm during winter with our double and triple glazed windows and doors

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Energy Efficient

Achieve a 10 star energy efficiency rating for your home with our windows & doors.


Save on your power bills

Reduce your power bills by up to 90% when compared with single glazed timber and aluminium counterparts


BAL 40 Compliant

Our products are self extinguishing which is great for Bushfire prone areas that are rated up to BAL40

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Reduce Unwanted Noise

Reduce unwanted noise
by up to 80% with our extensive range of double and triple glazed options


Extremely Secure

Our Windows & Doors use advanced, secure multi-locking systems which keeps you and your family safe from nasty, unwanted intruders

maintenance (1)

Maintenance Free

Our Windows & doors require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable - no cracking, fading, peeling, rotting or warping

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No Condensation

Unlike Aluminium and Timber, uPVC Windows and Doors do not cause condensation which means no mould or water build up

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Slash your energy bills by up
to $900 each year

Our uPVC windows and doors are specifically engineered to withstand Australia’s harsh, unpredictable climate.

Compared with aluminium frames,our windows and doors are 2-5 times more energy efficient and are designed to reduce your power bills by up to 90%! You’ll keep your house at the perfect temperature all year round, no matter which season it is outside. 

Unlike Timber Double Glazed Windows our products won’t crack, warp, fade or rot over time and unlike Aluminium Double Glazed Windows our uPVC Double Glazed Windows will not have condensation, moisture or frost forming inside the frames. Which leads to problems like having mould inside your home.. uPVC Windows and Doors solve all of the problems presented by Timber and Aluminium products and is the leading High Performance Window and Door solution used for Sustainable Construction. Our uPVC Windows are UV Stabilised and are suitable for use anywhere in the country  — they’ll stand up to the monsoon rains of Darwin just as well as the chilly winters of Melbourne, along with everything in-between. All of our products are extremely durable and built to last for a lifetime.

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What are Double Glazing Windows and Doors?

Double Glazed windows, known as GU, are windows that have two panes of glass that are separated by a spacer that is filled with air or argon gas, which has lower conductivity than air — helping your windows achieve better thermal performance.

Double glazing provides an added layer of insulation to your windows compared to single glazing, which means that your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, providing you and your family with superior in-home comfort.

uPVC double glazed windows have the highest rated noise cancellation out of all window and door systems. Capable of reducing sound levels by as much as 51 decibels, uPVC double glazing is great if you live near a busy road, factory or airport. To maximise the effectiveness of your Double Glazed Windows and Doors, PVC Windows Australia recommends that you use thermally insulated products throughout your home. The materials used in your walls, roof, flooring as well as the air tightness of your home are all important factors to consider when building or renovating an energy efficient home in Melbourne.

For climates and locations that get very cold, you might want to consider our triple glazed window and door options, which provide your home with even better thermal and noise insulation. Triple glazed uPVC windows in Melbourne can be up to 40% more efficient than double glazing, easily providing a great return on investment.

What to look for when choosing uPVC Double Glazed Type of Windows and Doors?

Not all Double glazed windows are made the same. This is why you need to know the important factors about uPVC double glazed windows before making a decision.

  • Local Manufacturing upto Australian Standards
  • Warranty Period (Ours is 10 Years)
  • Where your hardware and profiles are being sourced from ?
  • Profiles are UV Stabilised for Australia’s Climate

Unlike aluminium or steel windows, your double glazed windows and doors need to have non-conductive properties, so that they don’t attract heat and cold inside of your home. Our 6-Chamber ‘Passive Series’ is the only uPVC Profile that uses advanced patented technology to regulate temperatures. The ‘Passive Series’ is currently the most energy efficient window and door system available in Australia (U-Value 0.7 with Triple Glazing) and PVC Windows Australia is the only Local Manufacturer that has a Certified Window and Door System from the German Passive House Association.

Premium quality uPVC window and door suppliers should use high-quality European Profile systems that are UV stabilised to specifically handle Australia’s harsh climate.

When it comes to ensuring that your double glazed windows and doors will stand the test of time and operate smoothly for years to come, using the highest quality hardware available is the way to go. We use the Siegenia Brand for most of our Hardware and they are arguably number one in the world when it comes to parts and mechanisms for High Performance Windows and Doors. Siegware is the main retailer for Siegenia hardware and mechanisms in Australia and we are constantly in communication with them on how we can improve performance and functionality on uPVC Window and Door Systems

At PVC Windows Australia, we never compromise on quality, which is why we only purchase and use the highest quality supplied hardware available.

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Give your home the internal comfort it deserves.

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Australian Made for Australian Standards

Our products are manufactured right here in Melbourne, Victoria. 

PVC Windows Australia uses the most advanced European CNC Automated Technology and experienced experts in fabricating and overseeing the manufacturing process from start to finish. This means you’re not only getting the highest quality uPVC windows and doors at the best prices, with the fastest turn-around times, but you’re also helping by keeping jobs local.

Unlike companies who import their products, you won’t have to wait forever for your windows and doors, being increasingly worried they won’t arrive on time or might have damage or faults that would delay you even longer.

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Why should you choose
uPVC Windows & Doors?

Read why our customers love our high quality uPVC indows Windows and Doors

UPVC Doors

Installing uPVC doors in your home has never been easier. With our 100% Australian-made and owned products, we believe in providing the highest quality uPVC door products to our consumers at unbelievably competitive prices.

uPVC doors provide a modern aesthetic appeal for your home’s exterior and perfect weather resistance properties for the interiors of your home. With a  10+ star energy efficiency rating and non-corrosive materials, our double glazed uPVC doors can help you save money on your energy bills and save time and energy spent on maintenance. Our doors also come with in-built noise reduction technology and multi-locking security features that keep your home extra safe and secure.

We take pride in our top-class manufacturing capabilities as well as using the latest technology and automated procedures that enable us to consistently provide quality products across our entire range that meet Australian standards and regulations.

Inward or outward opening French doors provide a luxury feel that fits perfectly in a house with a traditional design style. Bifold Doors give you a good looking and space-saving option for a small home and can also be used as a feature for larger doors (upto 5.7m wide). If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, a sliding alfresco or patio door gives you a whole wall of glass for unbroken views out to the garden, as well as the best air circulation.

With us, you never have to compromise — we provide a wide collection ranging from Sliding Doors, Stacker Doors , Casement Doors, Tilt and Turn Doors, French doors, Bifold Doors, Tilt and Slide Doors, Legend Slide Doors, Lift and Slide Doors and more — there are endless possibilities to what we can do for you!

We also offer a wide range of colour options that have been extensively tested to withstand and manage Australia’s harsh climates and are resistant against warp, fade, peel or crack.

Get in touch today and let our team of experts provide you with the optimal solution, from customised measurements to professional installation procedures.

Our house windows and doors also provide excellent weather sealing, keeping the cold out in winter and heat out in summer. Our extensive range of doors and window types include awning, casement windows, sliding windows, tilt and turn windows, stacking windows and doors, French doors, hinged doors, tilt and slide windows and doors, lift and slide double glazed doors.

UPVC Windows

uPVC Windows are the best window solution for your home/investment. Make the shift today to uPVC Windows for your home and you will experience superior internal comfort with the highest insulated window products available in the market.

PVC Windows Australia specialises in double glazed uPVC windows that are the smarter choice for modern Australian spaces compared with other window systems for both residential and commercial developments . Whether you’re looking for functionality, security or energy savings, our windows aim to tick all the right boxes.

We use the most advanced and industry-leading German engineering and automated production procedures to provide the highest quality product in the market. Our window solutions are lead-free, UV stabilised for Australian climate conditions and adhere to Australian standards, including the latest Bushfire regulations. These windows give more flexibility and ventilation support than regular window solutions and have weather sealing characteristics that protect your property from the drastic effects of the Australian weather.

The weather sealing properties of our uPVC windows also help you save on your energy bills. With a 10+ star efficiency rating, these windows keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer, giving you more comfort and long-term savings. Adding to that, our windows are designed and manufactured in line with modern interior design trends that elevate your space to the next level with a clean aesthetic appeal and increase the real-estate value of your property in the competitive market. Tilt and turn double glazed windows allow you to tilt the window inward for fresh air while keeping it child-safe and secure. Alternatively, sliding windows maximise airflow through a small window frame.

Explore our extensive range of uPVC window types to find the best fit that works for you, and we will cover the rest. Our dynamic range includes Awning, Casement, Sliding, Tilt and Turn, Stacking and Bi-fold type windows in a range of colours and specifications to suit your needs.

UPVC Doors Melbourne

Protect yourself from the unpredictable Melbourne weather with UPVC doors and windows. As an Australian owned and operated brand, we provide the best in market services for PVC door and window solutions in and around Melbourne.

They are environmentally friendly and reduce the effects of noise and weather conditions, making your property comfortable and cosy all year long, no matter the season.

Our doors and windows come in a variety of colours and types, along with door accessories and window accessories, to provide a complete, well-rounded solution along with an aesthetic appeal. Along with providing uPVC windows to Melbourne, we can ship all our products across the country. So whether you are looking for casement doors for a NSW farmhouse or sliding and stacker doors for a Perth apartment, PVC Windows Australia is an easy, one-stop-shop for all your double glazed uPVC window needs. 

For interstate requests, drop us a line with your requirements so we can provide a quote. Otherwise, please feel free to call or visit our Melbourne branch today to get in touch and make your switch to UPVC doors and windows.


Our Melbourne-manufactured uPVC windows are incredibly high quality, with extrusion techniques that give them a lifespan of decades rather than years. Un-Like its timber and aluminium counterparts, uPVC is designed to withstand cracking, warping, fading, peeling, and corrosion. This is why we are proud to offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all our products.

PVC Windows Australia provides double-glazed uPVC windows and doors to Australian households. We manufacture, supply and install double glazed windows and doors in Melbourne and all over Australia. Everything is made locally at our Melbourne site using the highest quality parts imported from Germany and other parts of Europe.

Thanks to improvements in uPVC technology, all of our double glazed products, from kitchen windows to casement doors, come in a wide variety of colours. That means whatever design scheme you are aiming for, our double glazing in our windows in Melbourne can be made to match. Along with the windows, the frames and fittings also come in your choice of colours. We are also one of the only uPVC Window and Door suppliers that can provide custom colours.

PVC Windows Australia supply and install double glazed windows in Melbourne and the rest of Australia, including all major capital cities. Please see our ‘Installation Guide – How to Install uPVC Windows and Doors’’ for details and instructions on how to install uPVC Window and Door products or get in touch with us if you need advice or suggestions for installing our double glazed windows or any of our other products outside of Melbourne, we also have a registered builder in house and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

We understand that every purchase is a significant investment and do everything we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new windows or doors. The industry-standard warranty period for uPVC windows in Melbourne and Australia is 7 years. However, we have great confidence in our products since we use only the highest-quality components available. This is why everything, from double glazed bi-folding windows to sliding doors, comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee — allowing you to shop with confidence at PVC Windows Australia.

Yes, we can supply our uPVC windows and doors in Melbourne and all other major cities in Australia for commercial projects. Whether you are a professional builder or a DIY homeowner undertaking their own work, PVC Windows Australia is the best place to shop for double glazed windows and doors. Get in touch today to discuss the supply of uPVC windows and doors in Melbourne and elsewhere. Our team will be happy to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for on your commercial project.

Yes, we do. Our uPVC products can be supplied to interstate homes and businesses — we can ship to any location in Australia. That includes the Northern Territory and Tasmania. However, the shipping time frames and costs will vary — it generally takes longer to get your product to a rural area than a metropolitan area. Get in touch, and we will be very happy to provide a free quote for windows or doors with interstate shipping to your destination.

Of course! At PVC Windows Australia, we have a range of front and back doors that can be either double or triple glazed. To ensure safety, all front doors have a high-quality multi-locking system with 6-9 different locking points. This gives you world-class energy insulation and keeps your house safe from intruders.

If you are working on a non-standard design or building your own house, you’ll be pleased to know that PVC Windows Australia can make custom double glazed windows for Melbourne properties or further afield. Most of the work we do is custom designed, we produce everything locally in Melbourne to exact specifications, so contact our team of experts with your measurements/window schedule, and we’ll get back to you with a quote or suggestions for your custom designs.

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