Wondering what’s the big idea about double glazed windows? Here’s a simple guide explaining what all the fuss is about; the details, benefits, and advantages of double glazed windows. If you don’t know, double glazed windows are the combination of two panels and the space between them significantly increases a window’s insulating capabilities. In winter, double glazed windows reduce heat loss, and, in summer, they reduce the impact of the sun’s heat.

Double glazed windows can offer an array including energy efficiency, sustainability, noise reduction, low maintenance, less condensation and even increase the value of your house. Windows play a large role in the home; they set the tone, temperature, and, ultimately, complete the look of your facade and interiors. You want to ensure you’re getting the most potential from your windows and control them properly. 


Reduced energy costs

Bringing double glazed windows into your home can increase thermal resistance by controlling the incoming and outgoing heat which can offer many benefits as a result. The benefits of thermal resistance include reduced energy bills as the need for controlling the climate in your home is minimized. This is also more sustainable and paves the path for a more environmentally friendly future. Your double glazed windows could even pay for themselves through the reduction in energy bills and a positive impact on the environment. 



A lesser-known benefit to double glazed windows is that you’ll find less condensation. When condensation builds up, it can contribute to a build-up of mould and also cause the room to feel colder. With double glazed windows, due to the air between the two glass panes and the window surfaces being closer to the adjacent temperatures, the build-up of condensation is prevented. 



Double glazed windows are also more durable and resistant. Find peace of mind in knowing that two glass panels are more difficult to break than one. A window upgrade like this can increase your safety and security. Their durability is proven again as they’re also able to withstand heavy weather conditions. These tough windows are also long-lasting and low maintenance. No sanding, varnishing, or repainting required. Double glazed windows don’t rot, rust, flake or blister and aren’t even affected by salt corrosion. Simple cleaning and maintenance measures will ensure your double glazed windows last for years to come. 


Noise reduction

The extra insulation provided by double glazed windows also acts as a noise reduction. Urban living? No problem. The insulation weakens an impressive amount of the outdoor sound waves from entering inside. Along with the peace and quiet, you’ll also experience better acoustics inside the house. 



The appearance of double glazed windows is typically customised to be a perfect style, size, and shape for your home. One reason that this class of window precedes all others is that the type of pane, material, finish grade, size and structural preparation can all be custom-tailored for your home. 



An added bonus to double glazed windows is that they can increase the value of your house. Homebuyers and investors take note of these fine details and it will make a difference. It’s true that double glazed windows come at an additional expense, although the calculation and final amount do depend on a range of many variables including your home’s size and style of windows. As previously mentioned, there are multiple long and short term benefits for incorporating double glazed windows that justify any expense. They’re certainly an investment you would want to consider


The installation of double glazed windows is best when building or renovating a home; however, it can be done anytime. Removing and installing windows is not an easy and quick task; it’s a complicated, strenuous, and messy task that’s best left to the professionals. Contact our experienced and friendly team today on (03) 9357 8818 to arrange a quote or a meeting to discuss your options. As a group of highly experienced professionals, we’ll know the best design options and plan for your home. 


To conclude, double glazed windows are far superior and offer many more benefits than single glazed windows; they will enhance your home in more ways than one. They add value to your home, positively impact the environment, and can save money off your energy bills. They follow an innovative, yet simple design that can make a great impact. 

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