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Glass plays an increasingly important role as building regulations place great emphasis on saving energy in both residential and commercial designs. The selection of increased thermal insulation or glass with a lower U Value, combined with solar control, is an important decision in a building envelope’s thermal performance.

Maximum energy savings, superior interior comfort

Viridian ThermoTech™ is a range of sealed insulating glass units that offer improved insulation. For example: by incorporating Viridian EnergyTech,™ a Low-Emissivity (Low E) glass for greater thermal insulation, ThermoTech decreases heat conduction between outside and inside; or by selecting solar control glass with reflective or Low-Emissivity coatings (eg Viridian EVantage™), ThermoTech can optimise energy management whilst maintaining natural light transmission. By reducing the air-to-air heat transfer, ThermoTech provides a more stable and controllable internal environment and is suitable for all climates.

Metal Spacer

Two pieces of glass are separated by a metal spacer and sealed to provide a hermetically sealed air gap. It has a primary water vapour proof seal and the secondary seal is supplied standard as polysulphide. Structural silicone secondary seal is an option upon request. The airspace is provided with a desiccant to prevent condensation forming within the unit.
Features and benefits

Thermoplastic Spacer TPS®

TPS® is a butyl-based thermoplastic material. It is UV stable with integrated desiccant and applied directly onto the glass by a computer-controlled nozzle. This non-metallic spacer offers the ultimate heat insulation. In itself, it is an effective gas and moisture barrier. Units are supplied with polysulphide secondary seal as standard. The space is filled with argon gas as standard which further enhances the performance of the unit. Combine it with a silicone secondary seal and it is perfectly suited for structural glazing. Structural silicone is available as an option upon request.

Features and benefits