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IDeal Retractable Screen Systems are the leading solution for creating insect free natural ventilation for the home that works on almost any style of door and window opening whether it is sliding door, casement opening hinged door, single door, double door, bifold doors or French doors; also well suitable for alfresco areas and patio doors. They are there when you need them, and out of sight when you don’t. Although the Retractable Screen concept is not new, most people have never heard of or seen a retractable fly screen.

Flyscreen Pty. Ltd. has redesigned the concept of the retractable screen under IDeal brand, and making those screens safer, more functional & versatile, while pleasing to the eye.

IDeal Retractable Screens utilize the technology of concertina screens; updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. Our screens are manufactured with a durable, light weight aluminium housing that protects the screen when not in use

IDeal Screen is custom manufactured to fit most standard and oversized applications and is the best retractable fly screen on the market. We manufacture/fabricate our retractable screens in our facility in Melbourne.

Retractable flyscreens are a great application for tight doorways where there is not enough room for a swinging screen door.

Retractable screens are so unobtrusive in it’s design that they can be mounted on the interior as well as the exterior of your home and still be nearly invisible.

IDeal Retractable Screen Systems are designed to be mounted on the surface or in the recess area of any door or window allowing it to fit almost any application.

A wide variety colours are available to make the sleek retractable screen housing fit in your home’s specific decor.

Double French Doors are a wonderful concept and a great addition to any home. However, French doors cannot be screened with conventional screens without having to take away from the look or function of the doors and without impeding your view. For the discerning homeowner, this has been a big problem until the invention of the retractable screen door.

Once installed, our French door retractable screens will allow you to maintain the aesthetics of your doors and at the same time bring the sights, sounds and smells of nature into your wonderful home.

The big issue with out-swing French doors is that most homeowners don’t want a conventional screen door swinging and flapping inside their home. Conventional screens on out-swing French Doors considerably diminish aesthetics and function. Once installed, you simply retract your screens when you want the ventilation and watch them disappear out of the way when you’re done. Without a doubt our French door retractable screens for out-swing doors will make you wonder why you waited all this time.

Some Features and Benefits

Flyscreen Company offers an effective and attractive flyscreen solution for protection against mosquitoes and flies.
IDeal retractable insect screens are simply the best retractable door screens in the market.
Folding (concertina) retractable screens the only retractable screen door that doesn’t slam.
Only solution for outswing doors.
Very flexible, with multiple configurations, from singular units to multiples (max 6). It is suitable for very wide openings.
It can be fitted into openings that do no have perfectly square walls.
A low profile housing that blends with the existing door and window frame.
When not in use the screen is out of sight, safe and secure.
Each IDeal retractable screen is custom made to the customer’s exact specifications. We do not have any pre-built screens, which mean a perfect fit and design tailored specifically to you.


Windows Fly Screens 2

This elegant, stylish, pleated screen is unlike any other screen on the market. This unique product has low-profile bottom glide is making it ideal for any locations. You can leave the screen in any position without any spring action and will stay in that position till you move it.

The concertina insect screen is a product which provides protection from insects and dust in conventional but also big openings. It offers functionality, endurance, and design.

CAT retractable screen door is suitable for wide applications, such as covering alfresco areas, bi-fold doors and French doors without thresholds or steps. Adding numerous CAT retractable panels can increase to cover up to 9 meters opening on a straight one line.

As it only has a 2-3 mm height sliding guide above the surface, it will prevent tripping and is also wheelchair friendly. You should not worry about the bottom track will tripped your children or older person.

The plastic caterpillar allows the evasion of a floor guide, allowing a smoother passage and an easier cleaning of the floor. It does not have a return spring, making the opening and the closure easy, even for children or older people. The special plastic fasteners of the insect screen make it possible for any user to remove it easily for cleaning or storing.

Roller Screen

Roller insect screens come in horizontal and vertical versions and they are applied both to windows and balcony doors.

They are furnished with guides and a spring drive, which allow swift retraction of the screen mesh into the cassette, form a complete seal unit and keep out insects and dust. Vertical roller screens are usually applied to windows. They are especially recommended for single-casement windows, and awning windows. After the screen mesh is pulled down, it is fitted to a hooked bottom bar or catches in the guides. After the screen mesh has been released from the catches, a built-in braking system allows its smooth and slow retraction into the cassette without damaging it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]