double glazed sliding doorsAustralian market is filled with variety of doors and windows to choose from. Following are some their types, one may pick as per their preference and specifications.

Types of doors Double Glazed Sliding Door: As the name suggest these double glazed sliding doors have two panels that can be put to use as required. These doors can be open three ways, one either side or simply placed at the middle.
French door: These double glazed French doors are not just stylish looking but multi-utility. These doors can be opened both inwards and outwards, also if as per their wish, they may keep just one side open or both sides open.
Double glazed tilt French door: These double glazed doors are most unthinkable kinds. They can be put to use in two positions, Tilt inwards from the top, or simply open it outwards. And surprisingly they can be effectively locked as well. Both safety and elegance in one.

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Types of windows:
Awing: These beautiful windows basically open ups in outward upward direction making it slant. This stops dust and water to enter inside.
Sliding: These house windows Australia are the popular ones, having two panels they can open pulled in either directions. They bring in great ventilation with brightness through natural light.
Stacker: They are somehow similar to the sliding one; the only difference is that they may have two or more panels. They are ideal for kitchen area where ventilation is much needed.

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