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Triple-glazed windows and doors 

At PVC Windows, we offer a large range of the best triple-glazed doors and triple-glazed windows in Australia, including: 


Triple-glazed windows 

  • Tilt & turn windows — Experience the freedom and security of a fully opening window that can also alternatively open to a tilt — you can choose the level of airflow you’d like. With triple-glazing, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’re safe and secure. 
  • Awning windows — An awning presents a great opportunity for increased airflow, allowing for better overall ventilation throughout your home. You can also leave them open during the rain due to the way they sit in your home, giving you great airflow during hot, rainy days. 
  • Casement windows — You can choose between in-opening or out-opening options, giving you the freedom to adjust both your exterior and interior spaces however you wish. It also opens fully, allowing for the best rate of airflow. 
  • Bi-fold windows — A bi-fold window is a great option to link your inside and outside space with style and practicality. If you have a patio, bi-fold windows will allow for a seamless flow between your interior and exterior spaces. 
  • Sliding windows — If you have limited space and don’t wish to have your window open in or out, a sliding window is your best option. Its ability to consistently keep the same physical footprint is unbeatable. 


Triple-glazed doors

  • French doors — This option allows you to enjoy the outdoors while staying in a climate-controlled environment, ensuring you enjoy an uninterrupted view and maximise your airflow in one convenient package. 
  • Sliding & stacker doors — If you’re looking to save space, a sliding option is always your best bet. You won’t have to worry about moving furniture around to accommodate these amazing triple-glazed doors
  • Casement doors — Made with visibility in mind, you can opt for an inward or outward opening option, giving you the freedom to plan your space however you like. 
  • Bi-fold doors — Just like bi-fold windows, these doors will allow you to easily open up your space and create a sense of openness. 
  • Alfresco & Patio doors — Taking up minimal space, they are similar to sliding and stacker doors in that they help save space while keeping optimal airflow in mind. 
  • Tilt and slide doors — Essentially a larger tilt and slide window that you can walk through, this triple-glazed door is essential if you’re looking for flexible airflow options. 


PVC Windows — Expert installation for triple-glazed windows and doors

If you’re in the market for high-quality triple-glazed windows and doors, then PVC Windows is the right choice for you. Whether you’re looking for a triple-glazed door or tripled-glazed window in Australia, we have the right manufacturers and installers ready to give you just what you need. 

You can also browse through our range of double-glazed windows and doors to see what other options are available to you. If you have any questions about any of our products or you need help selecting the right fit for your setup, get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to help.

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What Are The Benefits Of Triple Glazed Windows and Doors?

Increased Security

Our high quality multi locking system + three panes of glass makes our windows and doors extremely secure against nasty, unwanted intruders

Premium Hardware

We use the highest quality German supplied hardware and parts for our triple glazed windows and doors giving you premium performance

Reduce Noise

Reduce unwanted noise by up to 90% and turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary. We offer a range of acoustic glass options to suit your needs

Superior Efficiency

Our triple glazed windows and doors are the best in Australia, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter while saving you money

Technical Details

Our triple glazed products come with low E Plus, Argon gas and warm edge spacers as a standard.
This means you get the most energy efficient windows and doors available in Australia. 

60, 70 or 80mm

profile depth

0.77 – 1.3
Uw – value
up to 44 mm

glazing thickness

Features of Triple Glazed Windows & Doors

Backed By
10 Year Warranty

Comes with our 10-year manufacturer’s warranty instead of the industry standard of 7 years.

Made in Australia for
Australian Standards

Engineered and independently tested to meet and comply with Australian Standards

Works With
All Building Types

Render, brick and block work, precast panels and lightweight construction.

Lockable Hardware

Premium lockable hardware options on our products, including a range of styles and finishes for handles to give you an added layer of security

Perfect for Seaside Areas

Our windows and doors are engineered to outperform timber and aluminium in seaside areas giving you performance and durability for years to come

Glass Options

An extended range of obscure, tinted, acoustic, laminated and energy efficient glass options, giving you exactly what you need for your project.

Screening Solutions

Unique fly screens and security screens, available in a range of mesh types. Standard screens included.

Highly Insulated Frame

Superior insulation with fusion welded frames that contain multiple air chambers which act
as thermal and noise insulators

Energy Efficient Seals

Thermally efficient with double & triple gaskets to ensure that no water, air or dirt penetrates your windows and doors.


Compared to cheaper alternatives, triple-glazed windows are more energy-efficient than double-glazed windows since they have three layers of glass instead of two. This helps reduce heat loss in colder climates and heat gain in hotter climates. Triple-glazed windows are also more effective at reducing noise pollution than double-glazed windows. 

Yes! At PVC Windows, we manufacture our products with components sourced from the best suppliers, creating products engineered to meet and exceed Australian Standards. This ensures that they’re incredibly effective at noise reduction — you’ll enjoy up to 90% noise reduction with our entire range of triple-glazed windows in Australia

Yes, it definitely will! Triple glazing effectively transfers heat, creating an ideal atmosphere that keeps your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer compared to double-glazed windows. 

If you’re looking for increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and a 100% air-tight and draught-proof solution, then triple-glazed windows and doors are a perfect option. Triple-glazed windows are also more effective at preventing condensation from forming on the glass. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, then consider investing in triple-glazed windows and doors.

The added benefits of triple-glazed windows and the price of manufacturing them mean that they are more expensive than double-glazed options. 

The main difference between double-glazed and triple-glazed windows is the level of insulation. Triple-glazed windows offer better insulation, which can result in lower energy bills. However, they are also more expensive. If you are looking for the best insulation possible, then triple-glazed windows are the way to go. Double-glazed windows might be a better option if budget is your main concern.

When it comes to energy efficiency, triple-glazed windows are the clear winner. They can help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which can lead to lower energy bills. Triple-glazed windows are also more effective at blocking out noise, so if you live in a busy area, they may be worth the investment.