Soundproof Windows​

Just like a shield, a soundproof window can protect you from unwanted noise outside. Whether you live near a busy highway, an airport or in a neighbourhood with nonstop partying, soundproofing your glass windows is a simple and cost-effective solution. If a peaceful environment is all you’ve been yearning for, it’s time to consider soundproof windows today. For the most reliable sound barrier windows and soundproofing services in the country, look no further than PVC Windows Australia. We are one of the leading manufacturers and installers of soundproof glass windows and soundproof doors in Melbourne and beyond! With a wide range of products and services ideal for soundproofing glass windows, we’ve got options for every budget, from high-end models all the way down to budget-friendly alternatives. Call us today to get a free, no-obligation quote!

Benefits Of Soundproofing Your Glass Windows

Soundproofing your windows is a great way to keep the noise outside where it belongs and let the peacefulness of your home shine through. Here are some of the benefits of soundproof windows:


Sleep better at night

Soundproof glass can block outside noise pollution from vehicle traffic, construction, or neighbours’ loud music. This will allow you and your family to sleep better at night.


Get more work done

If you work from home or own an office, soundproof windows are a definite must-have. Eliminating noise pollution from the workplace will do wonders for you and your team’s productivity.


Enjoy unhindered quality time

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect home environment for you and your family, but you may not be able to enjoy it when you’re constantly being interrupted by loud noises outside. Soundproof windows can help you reclaim your peace and quiet.


Keep your household noise contained

Soundproof glass windows do a great job at keeping unwanted sounds from coming into your home but they’re also great for keeping noises contained within your home such as enjoying your music or surround sound without any risk of noise complaints.


Better insulation

Soundproofing your glass windows involves a process of double-glazing where an acoustic glass pane, specifically designed to block out noise, is paired with a second glass pane of a different thickness to cancel out the vibrations and noise. This upgrade also improves the thermal insulation throughout your home or office. The consistent ambient temperature ensures your comfort level is at an optimal range through the seasons while blocking out all of that unwanted noise.

double glazed windows

Lower bills

Double-glazing your windows will save you significantly because better insulation means your HVAC system will not use as much electricity as before.

Choose PVC Windows Australia For Your Window Soundproofing Needs

If you’re looking for the best soundproof window glass in the country, PVC Windows Australia is the place to go. We’re a locally-owned and operated business committed to bringing you only top-quality windows that will last you decades. Here are some reasons why you should look no further than us:

Australian Made Products

PVC Windows Australia is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of Australian-made soundproof windows and doors, offering an extensive range of products suitable for all applications.  Because we manufacture locally, you can expect fast and efficient installation of your soundproof windows. Choosing us also means you’re supporting local jobs, which is something we’re incredibly proud of!

European CNC Automated Technology

We use the highest quality German-made hardware and industry-leading European CNC automated technology to ensure that each window we make is perfectly crafted, meeting the highest international standards. You can be confident that your new soundproof windows will last for a lifetime without needing much maintenance.

Cost-Effective Soundproofing

At PVC Windows Australia, we know that it’s not always convenient or even possible to undertake major work. That’s why we offer a range of cost-effective soundproofing windows. We’re one of the most competitively priced companies in our industry, and offer over 50 years of combined experience resulting in the highest quality products at the best possible prices!

Experts In Window Soundproofing

With a combined experience of over 50 years, our experts can create the perfect solution for your needs. Our team will work with you to determine what kind of soundproofing is best for your home and budget, to get the most bang for your buck.

Custom Window Soundproofing Solutions

PVC Windows Australia has the expertise to find solutions for even the most unusual window styles and sizes. We have a wide range of products and services to ensure that you’ll achieve the perfect solution for your home. 

Reclaim Your Indoor Peace With Soundproof Windows

Noise is everywhere these days. From the neighbours’ loud music and the construction going on next door to the cars on the highway, it seems like there’s no escape. Soundproof windows can change your life for the better.  With soundproof windows installed in your home, you’ll no longer have to worry about noise outside getting in your way when you want to relax or work on something important. If you’re looking to install new noise-proof windows or just soundproof your existing windows, PVC Windows Australia can help! With Australian-made soundproof glass and components, a seasoned team of installers and a commitment to affordable pricing, PVC Windows Australia is the best place to go for soundproof windows.

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