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What Is A Passive House?

Known as the world’s most energy efficient and health conscious voluntary building and design standard, Passive Houses achieve a high level of thermal comfort with minimal heating and cooling by using high performance, certified passive house windows and doors, insulation, air tightness, mechanical ventilation heat recovery which eliminates thermal bridging. 

Passive homes consume 90% less energy compared with conventional building dwellings. 

Developed in Germany in the 1990s, passive houses have seen a recent rise in builds in Australia. Since 2019, it’s become somewhat of a booming industry. 

Dispelling earlier assertions that passive houses are only appropriate for colder climates, several buildings in Australia are now fully certified and classified as passive houses — keeping a comfortable indoor air temperature of 20°C and 25°C.

Passive House Windows

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How Does A Passive House Work?

The Passive House Standard is set on 5 main principles that work together to create a beautiful home that is quiet, free from any dust, mould and pathogens, costs almost nothing to run and minimises your carbon footprint.

The 5 principles of a passive house:

  1. High Quality Insulation
    Insulation works like a blanket that works to reduce the heat and cold that flows into your dwelling from the outside. Choosing a high quality insulation is extremely important when building a Passive House in order to eliminate the risk of condensation.
  2. Air Tightness
    An airtight, well insulated home will successfully retain any warmth or coolness generated and keep it from leaking air or draughts.
  3. Eliminating Thermal Bridges
    Thermal bridges refer to any points in the home that conduct heat or cold more quickly than others. In a Passive House, thermal bridges need to be eliminated meaning wherever there is a conductive material, it needs to be separated by non-conductive materials, to break the thermal bridge.
  4. High Performance Passive House Certified Windows
    Passive homes require high performance double or triple glazed windows that are passive house certified and use a thermally broken or non-conductive frame like uPVC. The idea is to maximise the energy efficiency while eliminating any conductivity that would cause excessive heating or cooling into the home.
  5. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery
    HRV Systems work by flushing stale air out of the home and replacing it with a constant supply of fresh, controlled, filtered air. The unit effectively recovers any heat or cooling that would potentially be wasted while also filtering the air that’s entering into the dwelling. This leads to less pollutants in the air and a lower risk of condensation resulting in healthier indoors.

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Passive House Windows and Doors

When it comes to building a Passive house in Australia, it’s important to choose passive house windows and doors that have been backed by the German Passive house association and truly compliment your design and build.

At PVC Windows Australia, we carry the most energy efficient uPVC Passive House windows and doors in Australia, which will give you the ultimate level of quality and comfort.  

You’ll be surprised to know that our Passive house windows and doors are extremely affordable and you won’t have to compromise on quality or service here.  

Our 80mm Passive Series Profile system is fully certified by the German Passive House Association and is made of a unique, patented composite mix that is 100% non-conductive, with a triple gasket seal providing the ultimate efficiency, unlike other windows and doors on the market that are steel re-enforced and don’t seal as well.

What Types of Passive House Windows And Doors Are Best For Australia?

When it comes to selecting your Passive house windows and doors in Australia, we recommend a couple of different options for your Passive House windows and doors. 

Our Passive house windows and doors that use high quality multi point perimeter rubber sealing + advanced multi locking system are the ideal choice for Passive houses in Australia. 

To find out more information and decide which windows and doors are right for you, give us a call today and our team of experts will work through all of your Passive house window and door needs. 

If you’re interested in the new Australian passive house boom, PVC Windows is here to help you get everything you need.

Whether you need passive house windows or a passive house door to bring everything together, you’ll find the right range for your unique needs.


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Passive House Industry Leaders

As leaders in the double-glazed and triple-glazed sectors for both passive house windows and doors, you can rest assured that you’re only getting the best quality in our store.

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Our Passive House windows + doors are fully certified and manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia using the latest technology, ensuring you receive the highest quality finish and fast lead times

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Unlike other companies that use subcontractors or inexperienced installers, you won’t be risking any of that with us. Our highly experienced, in-house team handles our installations and manufacturing


Only the most premium, top of the range European made parts make it into our window and doors, making sure they last you a lifetime. 


All of our Passive House windows and doors are UV Stabilised, which means they’re specifically made for Australia’s harsh climate and the scorching hot summer sun

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Our 10 Year Gold Standard Guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that if you have any issues, our team will happily fix them FREE of charge! 

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Technical Details

80 mm construction depth 

Stärkpower™ uses a patented composite mix, offering superior efficiency, acoustic performance and reduced emissions with zero steel re-enforcement required 

Uf = 0.97 W/m²K 

Uw =0.70 W/m²K with standard-triple-glazing with Ug= 0.6

ULS +3500 
50% stronger than other uPVC systems on the market

Laminations use patented Cool Colours Technology from Continental which is engineered to keep profiles up to 10 degrees cooler offering superior colour life

Passive series uPVC profile offers superior environmental consideration which largely reduces production emissions, with no steel extrusion which takes 1000+ times more energy to produce

For more information check out our profile system on the German Passive House components database here.

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