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Windows play a huge role in the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home or office. But they can also be a source of unwanted heat gain and loss, leading to burdensome energy and electricity bills.

That’s why at PVC Windows Australia we’re proud to be providing you with high quality uPVC double glazed windows that are lead free, and UV stabilized to withstand all Australian climate conditions. All PVC Windows Australia products are manufactured to the highest Australian standards and adhere to the latest Bushfire regulations up to BAL 29.

We’re committed to bringing you Australia’s best double glazed windows and uPVC window frames that will keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter, while also lowering your energy bills. Make the shift to smarter living today with PVC Windows Australia’s uPVC window frames and double glazed windows – it’s the right move for your property, your purse and the planet!

Why choose PVC Windows Australia’s Double Glazed Windows?

Firstly, what are double glazed windows? Double glazed windows are window panes made using two pieces of glass that are separated by an air gap of at least 12mm. The gap is sealed and acts as a division between the inside and outside pieces of glass to increase thermal insulation.

Some of the benefits of PVC Windows Australia’s double glazed windows include:

✓ Improved thermal insulation
✓ Increased energy efficiency
✓ Low maintenance requirement
✓ Noise reduction
✓ Multi-locking security features
✓ Superior weather sealing
✓ Sustainable environmental impact

PVC Windows Australia’s uPVC double glazed windows are highly energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. They offer 6-star energy efficiency ratings, and provide superior noise reduction and multi-locking security features. Our double glazed windows

Are also non-corrosive and non-flammable, and guarantee excellent weather sealing, keeping the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer.

At PVC Windows Australia, we’re proud to use only the latest technology and best quality automation production processes in Australia to consistently deliver high-quality and energy efficient double glazed windows. We use the latest German engineering and automated production procedures to provide the highest quality double glazed windows in the market.
All PVC Windows Australia window solutions are lead-free and UV stabilized for all Australian climates. These double glazed windows give more flexibility and ventilation support than regular window solutions and have weather sealing characteristics that protect your property from weathering and general wear and tear.
The weather sealing properties of our uPVC double glazed windows will also help you save on your energy bills. With a 6-star efficiency rating, these windows keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer, adding to the comfort of your home or office and leading to long-term energy savings.

Add to that, our windows are designed and manufactured in-line with modern interior design trends, that elevate your space to the next level with a clean aesthetic appeal and increase the real-estate value of your property in the competitive market.

Which Double Glazed Windows are Right for Me?

Explore our range of uPVC windows to find the best fit for your living space! Our dynamic range of double glazed windows include:
· Awning windows
· Casement windows
· Sliding windows
· Tilt and Turn windows
· Bi-fold windows
Each PVC Windows Australia double glazed window type is available in a diverse range of colours and styles to suit the design of any home or office. All of our double glazed windows are designed with sophisticated profile shapes, window accessories and precision manufacturing so you know you’re making the right long term decision for your property.


Double Glazed Windows in the Property Market

Did you know, that old and damaged windows are likely diminishing the value of your property? Making the switch to, or building with double glazed windows can have a positive impact on the value of your property within the rising real estate market. With more flexibility and ventilation support, the usability of double glazed windows adds a new dimension of energy efficiency and high quality security to your property. Unlike other windows, uPVC double glazed windows are virtually maintenance free, energy efficient and shield your property from weathering and general deterioration. At PVC Windows Australia, we specialise in double glazed uPVC windows that are the smarter choice for modern residential or commercial Australian spaces. Whether you’re looking for functionality, security, or energy savings, our windows tick all the right boxes. Get in touch with us at PVC Windows Australia today for a free quote!

Why hire PVC Windows

Upvc features

Warm in Winter

Retains your home's heat

Cool in Summer

Deflects outside heat

Energy Efficient

Exceed 6 star Energy Rating 1.7 U-Value


UPVC can be recycled 350 times


AS 2047 AS4420 AS1288


Reduces outside noise by upto 90%


6-point window locking system, 9-point door locking system.


Maintenance-free. NO solar degradation

Kerb appeal

Increase the value of your home




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