Double glazed windows, without a doubt, account for a substantial amount of money when building or renovating your space – be it your home or office premises. The cost of the investment alone is enough to put some people off and consider other budget-friendly options without being aware of all the benefits of this technology.

In this article, we’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you reach your decision.

Reasons to choose double glazing

Double glazing is definitely an investment you want to consider, mainly due to all the benefits it comes with. These will ultimately pay dividends over some time.

First of all, getting double glazing means that you’re supporting the environment as it helps maintain a low carbon footprint. Due to its excellent thermal insulation properties, your double glazed windows will help keep the interiors at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Unlike single-pane windows, there is less heat transfer between the inside and outside environments. You’ll find that you’re more energy-efficient and will rely less on heating and cooling systems – and on top of that, save on your energy costs.

Double glazing plays an important part in reducing occurrences of condensation inside your windows. This has the benefit of preventing moisture damage to your window frames should you go with alternative options such as wood frames.

Another point to mention is that double glazing adds security to your premises. The added pane of glass makes your windows much harder to break thus reinforcing what is undoubtedly a vulnerable spot.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that double glazing could increase your property value by up to 10%.

Are there any drawbacks?

Well, there’s not much to discuss here. There is no known significant aspect that will undermine the ability of double glazing to be the best option for you.

As mentioned before, we’re aware of the costs of such an investment. It is good that all those involved in the decision-making process are properly aware of this

Double glazed doors

If you’re heavily leaning towards double glazed windows, then you need to consider double glazed doors too.

While not necessary but highly recommended, they all work hand in hand to achieve the best results for your premises in terms of energy-efficiency, security and, interior and exterior design.


Double glazing is a proven technology that is worth the investment. Not only do they add value and security to your property, they also make the surroundings more appealing.

Reduced energy consumption means that there are less impacts on the environment and your energy consumption.

So give us a call today on (03) 9357 8818 to talk to our team of experts who will happily explain the process and long-term benefits tailored to your situation. 

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