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Double Glazed French Doors





Closed position – Each door includes 4 roller-cam locks, latch and deadbolt, all of which operate from just one locking mechanism. The door can be deadlocked with a key.

Open position 1 – One side of the door can be opened, while the other side remains securely locked if desired.

Open position 2 – Unlocking the second door allows you to have the full effect of a French door. Both doors can be opened 180 degrees allowing for fresh air to rush in to your home. Restrictors are available for both doors, allowing you to restrict the opening to whatever angle you choose.

Pvc Windows Australia energy saving French doors will not only add a touch of sophistication to your home, but they will also provide the perfect ambiance, with optimum sun exposure. French doors are great application for linking rooms internally and bridging internal and external spaces. A French door is the most popular choice for letting extra light into your home as well as giving easy access to your decking or garden.

Pvc Windows Australia French doors can be either inward or outward opening with one sash or double sash.

Our uPVC hinged doors provide excellent thermal efficiency and security using multi-point locking hardware.

French Doors available in:

  • In Opening
  • Out Opening