Your doors have an important function within your commercial or residential property. They connect your indoor and outdoor areas such as your living room to your backyard leading to the pool. They play an important part in your home’s overall aesthetics and energy performance.

Doors make up a significant amount of the external wall space which means that they also allow heat in and out of your property. Without the right insulation and framing, this will result in unwanted heat transfers, either in or out of your rooms.

During winter, single glazed doors will lose an important amount of heat from your home. Standing next to one will let you feel the outside cool entering your room.

Double Glazing

Double glazed doors are the solution of choice for your doors when building or renovating. They are simply two panes of glass that are separated by a layer of sealed air or gas, and then fitted into door or window frames.

This layer of air or gas acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator. As such, double glazed doors help in maintaining your home interiors at a more comfortable temperature compared to a single glass pane door while also minimising outside noise.

Their insulation properties are ideal for Australia’s extreme summers and cold winters. Double glazing helps prevent heat loss when using a convection heating system during winter and reduces the amount of radiated heat gain during summer.

While the costs to install double glazed doors are higher than single glazed, double glazing is extremely energy-efficient, which will help you reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home.

Double glazing will help eliminate condensation on the inside of the doors during winter. This occurs when warm humid air condenses on the cold surface of single pane doors. Condensation also causes the appearance of mould and reduces the life-time of timber frames.

If you’re currently building your new house or even thinking about renovating your windows as well, make sure you read about our article on double glazed UPVc windows.

We highly recommend the installation of both double glazed doors and windows should they be in the same room, at least. For example, an existing single glazed window in the same room as your new double glazed door will considerably reduce the insulation properties of the latter. In winter, the heat contained inside by the double glazed door will only be lost by the single glazed window.

Our Range

You can explore our large range of double glazed doors that include:

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