Double Glazed Casement Windows

Casement windows offer stylish design and efficiency
in your home

uPVC casement windows are hinged from the side and open outward, offering a modern, energy efficient twist on a traditional window type.

Casement windows are extremely secure because they use a high grade multi-locking point system that wraps around the entire opening sash, which gives you complete control over how much you want to open your window. 

Our casement windows are made from the highest quality uPVC European profiles and German hardware which provide aesthetics, performance and are built to last.

We supply uPVC casement windows across Australia to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth, Tasmania and Adelaide and everywhere in-between.

Our Pvc Casement windows were created to meet a market demand among intelligent consumers who wanted more than just an aesthetically pleasing element, a bushfire rated secondary window that is made sustainably and, more importantly, makes a significant difference to the comfort of a home`s occupants.

In Opening Casement Windows

Insulating double glazed Casement Window is essentially a single panel draft proof, thermal and accoustic insulating hinged window that has one panel swinging in. This product is possible for majority of architectural applications.

Out Opening Casement Windows

This style is our best performing bushfire rated window against wind, rain, fire, and even snow, the acoustic luxury casement style is energy efficient and practical, which will have an instant impact on your home.

Rising energy bills are a growing concern for many individuals as well as companies. To counter this serious issue, we have developed the sustainable PVC Casement Windows Australia as a one-stop energy-efficient and ventilation supported solutions. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, each window is tailor-made to virtually any height and width so you can install this classic window according to your precise requirement.

Combined with the sophisticated design versatility and elegant appearance of aluminum frames, the casement windows Melbourne is ideal for any location where you want to maximize the outside view. The window will be best fitted to the highest standards and provides easy cleaning of the glass panes.


Q1. When to use casement type windows?

Ans: If you need the proper ventilation support in your home, casement windows stand out the best window option as it is the only type of window available that fully opens.

Q2. What is the purpose of casement type windows?

Ans: To increase the energy efficiency of your home windows, catching side breezes, yielding a clearer view of your landscape, giving home an added layer of security, all of this and many more make casement windows worth considering for your upcoming project.

Q3. What is the overall cost of the casement windows installation?

Ans: Cost to install casement windows varies greatly by the type of pane, material and finish grade, size, structural preparation, and special customization and the labor charges. Overall, installing the casement is an affordable deal, compared to its countless benefit which makes it an ideal window type over others.

Q4. How can you clean the casement window installed in your home?

Ans: You can open your window wide enough (casement has the potential to fully open-up widely) to clean the exterior glass from inside your home. To open the window sash, lift the handle of the sash to unlock it, then rotate the handle and easily, fully opened to clean it properly from both ends.

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Benefits of uPVC Casement Windows


Increased Security

High grade multi locking system
makes our windows extremely secure against unwanted, nasty intruders


Better Airflow

Outward or inward folding function gives our uPVC windows a full opening which helps to achieve better airflow

planet-earth (1)

Superior Efficiency

Insulated frames provide a sound and weather barrier, which keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter

maintenance (1)

Maintenance Free

uPVC windows are easy
to clean, require practically no maintenance and are built to last

no-sound (1)

Reduce Outside Noise

Reduce unwanted noise by up to 90% and turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary

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Premium Hardware

We only use the highest quality
German supplied hardware for our
uPVC windows.

Technical Details

60, 70 or 80mm

profile depth

0.77 – 2.3

Uw – value
up to 44 mm

glazing thickness

Windows configurations

Window configurations can be customised to suit your home and preference.

Features of uPVC Casement Windows


Backed By
10 Year Warranty

Comes with our 10-year manufacturer’s warranty instead of the industry standard of 7 years.

australia (1)

Made in Australia for
Australian Standards

Engineered and independently tested to meet and comply with Australian Standards


Works With
All Building Types

Render, brick and block work, precast panels and lightweight construction.


Lockable Hardware

Premium lockable hardware options in a range of styles and finishes for an added layer of security


Certified Up To BAL 40

Our tilt and turn windows are engineered to meet Extreme fire risk requirements in areas as high as BAL40


Glass Options

An extended range of obscure, tinted & energy efficient glass options, including double and triple glazing.


Screening Solutions

Unique fly screens and security screens, available in a range of mesh types. Standard screens included.


Highly Insulated Frame

Superior insulation with fusion welded frames that contain multiple air chambers which act
as thermal and noise insulators


Energy Efficient Seals

Thermally efficient with double & triple gaskets to ensure that no water, air or dirt penetrates your windows and doors.

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