Double Glazed
Bi-fold Windows

Double Glazed
Bi-fold windows create a luxurious flow

Bi-fold windows work by folding the panels of glass to one side, allowing you to completely open up your space. They’re a fantastic option in places like the kitchen, alfresco, or lounge area where you have a wide opening.

Our bi-fold windows use the highest quality German hardware, including rollers and track, ensuring that your bi-fold window will operate smoothly and last for years to come. Our double glazed bi-fold windows are available in a range of configurations, including:

  • 3 panels
  • 4 panels
  • 5 panels
  • 6 panels

Our bi-fold windows have a semi-commercial look to them which exudes elegance. We supply double glazed uPVC bi-fold windows across Australia to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Adelaide and everywhere in-between.

Why Choose 
Bi-fold Windows

Bi-fold windows create an open feel to a room.
When they are shifted to one side, they tend to open up a room and make it feel bigger, especially when they are paired with bi-fold or sliding glass doors.

PVC Windows Australia’s bi-fold windows open completely, folding flat against the wall when they are fully open, to allow you to have just about the entire window space open.

These windows give you the very best ventilation for your home and also allow you to access the outdoors easily. The benefits of a bi-fold window include:
  • The illusion of extra space and ingress of natural light
  • Opening room up to the outside
  • Impressive functionality and security
  • Slim and good looking
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Large range of colours
  • Add value to a property

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bi-fold windows that elevate your home

Bi-fold windows offer so many benefits and features to homeowners in Australia that it’s hard to imagine not wanting them installed in your home. However, if you need a little more persuasion, here are the top features that are packed into our bi-fold windows: Quality soundproofing Our bi-fold windows will astonish you with their effectiveness at reducing external noise within your home. In some cases, they have been shown to deliver up to an 80% noise reduction. Elegant and modern styling Our bi-fold window range is designed to elegantly join the inside and outside spaces within your property. Whether it’s for a kitchen window or access to a patio, our classically styled windows and doors blend the areas of your home seamlessly and are available in a range of colours to better suit your existing or desired aesthetic. Security and safety-conscious As with all our products, our double glazed bi-fold windows offer your home enhanced levels of security with their multi-locking system and are compliant with Australian standards for both fire safety and home security Environmentally sound design We manufacture our bi-fold windows in Australia to offer you protection against the elements, while also helping to reduce the need to heat and cool your home. Our windows will keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact through reduced energy consumption.

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If you are now convinced that you want to buy bi-fold windows, make sure to purchase them from the best supplier on the market by choosing PVC Windows Australia.

We pride ourselves on helping the property owners of Australia achieve their visions for their homes by providing the highest standard of double-glazing window and door installation. We offer only the most technologically advanced PVC window and door solutions to our customers and target 100% customer satisfaction in every install that we carry out.

To find out more about what makes us Australia’s leading installer of double glazed bi-fold windows and other PVC products including double-glazed sliding windows, awning and tilt and turn windows, contact our team today. We will be happy to help with any enquiries you might have and provide an obligation free quotation on request.

Benefits of double glazed Bi-fold Windows

double glazed tilt and turn windows

Increased Security

High grade multi locking system
makes our windows extremely secure against unwanted, nasty intruders

double glazed windows

Better Airflow

Outward or inward folding function gives our uPVC windows a full opening which helps to achieve better airflow

double glazed windows

Superior Efficiency

Insulated frames provide a sound and weather barrier, which keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter

double glazed windows

Maintenance Free

uPVC windows are easy
to clean, require virtually no maintenance and are extremely durable


Reduce Outside Noise

Reduce unwanted noise from your noisy neighbours by up to 80% and turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary


Premium Hardware

We only use the highest quality
German hardware and European Profiles for our uPVC windows.

Top Features Of Our Double Glazed Bi-Fold windows

double glazed bi-fold window

Backed By
Gold Standard Warranty

All Products come with our 10-year industry manufacturer’s warranty instead of the industry standard recommendation of 7 years.


Made for
Australian Standards

Designed, engineered and independently tested to ensure all of our products meet and exceed strict Australian standards


Works With
All Building Types

Suitable for all building types including Render, brick and block work, precast panels and lightweight construction.


Lockable Hardware

Premium lockable hardware options in a range of styles and finishes for an added layer of security

double glazed windows

Certified Up To BAL 40

Our windows and doors are engineered to meet bushfire requirements in areas as high as BAL40


Glass Options

An extended range of energy effiecient Low E, tinted privacy glass options, including double and triple glazing.


Screening Solutions

Unique fly screens and security screens, available in a range of mesh types including PET & Galvanised Mesh.  


Highly Insulated Frame

Fusion welded frames contain multiple chambers providing superior insulation by acting as thermal and noise insulators

double glazed windows

Energy Efficient Seals

Thermally efficient with double & triple gaskets to ensure that no water, air or dirt penetrates your windows and doors.


If you’re interested in adding a beautiful folding glass wall or set of bi-fold windows in Australia, you have come to the right place. As each installation that our team carries out is fully customised to our individual client’s requirements, we are unable to provide fixed prices here on our site. This being said, a member of our sales team is always on hand to answer any questions or begin the free quotation process for you; simply call (03) 9357 8818 for more details.

All of our double-glazed windows are built to the highest specifications and come complete with a 10-year warranty as standard. We are sure that our double glazed bi-fold windows will surprise you with both their quality and incredibly affordable prices.  

Bi-fold windows are a unique way to connect your property’s external and internal areas — for example, kitchens and exterior areas such as patios. They’re also great for people looking to maximise the views from their property by offering unobstructed openings in their homes. Due to these factors, bi-fold windows are a fantastic way to add value to a property.

If you are among the many property owners looking to give their home the ‘wow’ factor for future resale value, the installation of a brand-new set of bi-fold windows could be just what you are looking for. To hear more about our full range of affordable yet striking bi-fold doors and windows, all you need to do is contact our team. You can request a free quotation before you commit to buy bi-fold windows quickly and easily using the form below.

The short answer to this question is yes, bi-fold windows are secure. When you buy bi-fold windows from PVC Windows Australia, you can be confident in the knowledge that we have tested our products thoroughly to ensure their safety and security. 

All of our windows use a multi-locking system that guarantees each individual component in your bi-fold window set up is secured in place when locked. What’s more, all of our windows are engineered and independently tested right here in Australia to guarantee they are compliant with government regulations. 

At PVC Windows Australia, we take pride in offering a fantastic range of bi-fold windows that will contribute to the security of your home. Browse our catalogue to find out more about how our windows can help keep your home safe and secure. 

French windows have a double-sashed window that allows you to open the sashes inwardly or outwardly, depending on your preference. They are designed not to have a central post or mullion between the panes to offer an unobstructed view from your room. The individual sashes are fixed to the frame with hinges located on the sides of the windows, and they have separate locks that fix within the frame, allowing them to be opened or closed independently. 

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