How to Clean Double Glazed Sliding Doors?

Double Glazed Sliding DoorsGladly their much option available in doors and house windows in Australia to choose from. As per the house specifications and personal preferences they can be picked up. And once the right doors and windows have been picked and installed, there comes another responsibility and that is to keep it clean.

It has been observed that double glazed sliding doors require little extra care and maintenance. And that can be achieved by keeping it clean.

One can clean up these double glazed doors themselves by simply following these steps:

  • Begin with taking out the doors out and it can be both manually and by using a tool along. The entire purpose is to simply take it of its track and pull out.
  • Either vacuum cleaner or cleaning brush can be used to remove the dust, and other particles from the sliding area.
  • Use anti-rust solution and clean off the rust if any.
  • If a thick layer of oil and grease can be seen giving it an unhygienic stickiness, it must be removed using brush and then clean it with a cotton cloth.
  • Once the track is sliding area is clean, time to clean up the double glazed glasses. All one needs is soap solution, paper cloth and a cotton cloth. Sprinkle the solution on the glasses, and start cleaning it up with paper cloth. Once done pour fresh water and dry up with the cotton cloth.
  • After properly cleaning the wheels, put the door back on their actual position.

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