Windows affect the thermal performance of a building in many ways. By outing heat from outside inside or simply losing heating through conduction and radiation.

One way to limit these heat transfers throughout the year is by using double glazed UPVC windows.

If you haven’t noticed, double glazed UPVc windows are everywhere around you – houses, office spaces or apartments buildings for example.

So what are they exactly?

As the name suggests, a double glazed window is one that combines two panes of glass fitted within window frames. Also called insulating glass units (IGUs), they are designed to keep the interior of your house warmer during winter or cooler during summer.

The glass panes are separated by an insulating layer of either air or gas, such as argon or krypton. Using either one of these two gases helps provide further insulation as they’re denser than air and hence, improves thermal and acoustic performance.

Benefits of using double glazing

There are quite a few great benefits to go with this technology.

If you’re renovating your office space or simply in the process of building your new house, then double glazed UPVc windows may be of high interest to you.

Due to the insulation properties of the sealed air gap, double glazed windows are energy efficient. It reduces the amount of heat that escapes from windows at home for example. During summer, this effect means that it allows your interior to stay at a comfortable temperature. Double glazed windows have the reverse effect in summer too, by preventing the outside heat from entering your room.

The extra insulation reduces the need to continuously blast your heater or air-conditioner throughout the year – meaning double glazing is ideal in keeping your utility bills down no matter what.

Furthermore, they’re great in reducing outside noise, especially medium to high-frequency noises such as the human voice. If noise is of greater concern to you, sound can be reduced further by a difference in glass thickness between the inner and outer glass panes.

Another benefit of double glazed windows is that they offer better security than single-pane windows. While they’re harder to break, you can even go with toughened or laminated glass for better peace of mind.

What about the costs?

As you probably guessed, double glazed windows will cost you a bit more than the usual single-pane windows.

However, the benefits of these windows will outweigh your financial investment in the long-run. While they’ll reduce your energy consumption and come with little maintenance, double glazed Upvc windows will also add value to your residential or commercial property.

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