double glazed windows

Replacing your windows is the best way to enhance the value of your home. To that need, the distinctive hinged design and unique silhouette of casement windows stand out as the classic choice for home décor. This classic style of window is among the most popular window installation options thanks to the look and feel casement windows offer.

Despite the classic design, there are many technical benefits of casement which make it the popular choice for many construction companies as well as to the homeowner. Exploring these benefits will make them worth considering for your upcoming project:

Those who put ventilation needs at the top of their “wish list” for new or replacement windows, casement window is the best bet for them. No other type of window can offer such efficient ventilation support as casement window does. It is possible because of two reasons. First, they open to the full, creating the largest aperture with the window frame for air to come through. Second, because this is the one window which has the potential to catch both the sides breezes as it opens straight out and directs the refreshing outdoor air into your living space.

If you’re tight on space in your space or want to keep your house looking spacious, casement works like tilt and turn window in the fact that it open from the outside. Because it’s open in the outward direction, you can experience free space inside your living which gives the casement window a big thumbs up.

Exceptional Security

If you are looking for an option which is best in its security aspect then your desire ends at the casement. The window features hook-shaped casement locks embedded in its frames, which gives homes an added layer of robust security. Moreover, this hook-shaped lock is hard to break.

Superb Aesthetics

Whether you opt for wood-aluminum or only aluminum double glazed windows, your options are nearly endless with the numerous combinations of colors, frames, handles and glazing choices. Depending on the aesthetics you wish to achieve, you can choose what you like the most.

Available with hidden hinges

For a clean, sharp and effortless look, casement windows again top the chart. This window is available with hidden HINGES which hide all its hardware work. This sleek option gives the illusion of a wall-fixed window while remaining functional like a normal window.

If you’re impressed with the appealing features and qualities of casement, installation of the window in your home will also impress the trespasser and your guest. Keep impressing everyone!

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